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Studying abroad is a life changing decision for a student where they struggle  because of lack of information. There is lot to consider before a student travel overseas for higher studies. We arrange a briefing sessions to prepare them to  move abroad.

Pre-departure briefing session is a customized event designed by IECC to support students in their transitions to a new life according to their destination. Students who received visa successfully are invited to pre-departure briefing sessions to learn about the country, culture and life. They are usually held over a day or half-day, and include talks and workshops that give you the advice you need to start your overseas studies with confidence.


Our Pre-Departure briefing includes

We cover the essential information you need to start settling in when you arrive

  • Pre-Departure Checklist

    Pre-Departure Checklist

    We prepare a check-list of what a student needs while travelling and staying in abroad according to the environment.

  • Airport Immigration

    Airport Immigration

    Students struggle to face airport immigration where we help them to prepare for this.

  • On Arrival Activities

    On Arrival Activities

    Majority students don't know the steps they should follow on arrival. We make a list and pass on to them to make it easier.

  • Preparation of Documentation

    Preparation of Documentation

    It is very important to keep the necessary documents with a student before they take off. We help them preparing the documents to avoid unnecessary stress in abroad.

  • Transportation System in Abroad

    Transportation System in Abroad

    In abroad, most of the students find it difficult to understand the transportation facilities. We help them understanding the route and transportation system before their arrive.

  • Reporting Procedure at University

    Reporting Procedure at University

    Many students struggle to know the process and find the reporting location on their first day at university. We brief on the process to make it easier.

  • Part Time Work Opportunities

    Part Time Work Opportunities

    We guide students about the procedure of finding part time work in abroad.

  • Post Study Work

    Post Study Work

    We brief our students about the Post Study Work permits and help them know the process of application.

  • Visa Extension

    Visa Extension

    We helps students to extend their visa if they wish to extend their visa for further studies.


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