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Choosing the right course of study is one of the most difficult challenges when studying abroad. In the UK, many students make inquiries before graduation because they wish to combine their passion with opportunities. This is because many students intend to stay in the UK when they graduate and begin working there. As a result, taking a less well-known course decreases your chances of landing a good job. There's a good chance you'll advance in your job if you enroll in one of the UK's most popular programs. IECC Bangladesh wants to educate students on the finest courses to study in the UK to reduce the waiting period before employing them. Students from Bangladesh, as well as those from other countries, may particularly benefit from this article.

Here are the top courses for Bangladeshi students to study in the UK.

1. MBBS and Health Science 

An MBBS degree with a background in medicine or health science in
Clinical medicine, optometry, medical technology, and nursing are just a few of the many areas covered under the umbrella of medicine. As a result of these courses' professionalism, students will be well-prepared for careers in healthcare. On the other hand, many students work in fields like teaching, medical equipment sales, and sports medicine.
Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are two medical specialties that have courses in anatomy, physiology, pharmacy, nutrition, and biomedical sciences.

2. Business and Administration
Some of the most excellent and most popular courses in the UK are in the field of business. That's why the United Kingdom has so many business colleges.
Many well-known and well-respected people in the UK hold business administration degrees. Famous rock musician Mick Jagger, for example, holds a business degree from the London School of Economics in the United Kingdom.

3. Biomedical fields of study
Biosciences are concerned with the study of living things and the environment in which they develop and live.

4. Social science
The quality of education given by competent academics and contemporary educational institutions makes UK social science degrees quite popular. The UK universities are attracting ambitious students from all over the world who want to obtain a world-class education to help them thrive in a wide range of social topics.

5.  Design and art
A growing number of brilliant overseas students are enrolling in art degrees at UK institutions. These best-of-the-best programs in the UK are distinguished by their creative and design freedom. Crafts allow students to express themselves creatively and earn money as independent contractors.

The fact that you'll be studying art in the UK will put you in a better position to land a variety of lucrative professions in the future.
There is fashion design, to name just a few of the many sectors in which you may work.

Simple object design relies heavily on design studies. It considers things like technology, business, appearance, and contemporary artistic thought in addition to all of the above. Computers are utilized in the creation of art as a means of expression.

6. Engineering

The UK has some of the world's leading engineering and technology schools, so consider going there to further your education.

As a result of their research-based degree programs, they prepare you for the job market with the skills and information you need.

Several engineering businesses in the UK and university partners allow students to complete their internships there. In addition, there are several employment openings.

7. Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science

When it comes to modern software development and computer science education, the United Kingdom has emerged as a global leader.

The study of information technology is known as computer science. Computing is built on the study of theory, experiment, and technology and the systematic study of computing and its application.

Earning a degree in this field might pave the way for a rewarding job. You can work in computers as a programmer or a developer or a security analyst or a network system manager or in information technology, for example.

8. Law
It's no secret that law degrees are prevalent in the United Kingdom. As a result, the United Kingdom's institutions are among the oldest to offer legal studies.

9. Dentistry 
Dentistry students from throughout the world flock to the United Kingdom as a top study destination. Because of the wide range of options, high standards of training, and consequently the promising future, this is the case.

There are several advantages to studying Dentistry in the United Kingdom, regardless of your specialty. First, medical degrees give up a wide range of career possibilities.

10. Education

Graduates of the Education field,  who choose to pursue a career in the UK will have various options. Some examples are teachers, education administrators, and secondary school teachers, and teachers of students with special needs. Aside from that, advanced students in several disciplines end up as university professors.

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