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Good news for the Bangladeshi citizens of all walks of life who are willing to travel to the United Kingdom for various purposes. From now on The United Kingdom will count the coronavirus vaccine that is being issued in Bangladesh, as a recognized one.

 As a result, if someone from Bangladesh goes to England with a two-dose coronavirus vaccination certificate approved by the United Kingdom, he will not have to worry about staying in quarantine for ten days.


 A statement from the Bangladesh High Commission in London said the rule would apply to passengers leaving Bangladesh from 4 AM local time on Monday.


 The UK Department of Transportation said in a statement on Thursday that it had added vaccine certificates from 36 countries, including Bangladesh, to its list of valid vaccines in the UK.


What you need to do when you travel to England depends on whether you qualify as fully vaccinated or not.

To qualify under the fully vaccinated rules for travel to England, you must have been fully vaccinated with a full course of an approved vaccine under:


- The UK or UK overseas vaccination programme

- The United Nations vaccine programme for staff and volunteers

- An approved programme in one of the countries or territories listed below

- You can still travel to England if you do not qualify as fully vaccinated but you must follow different rules.


There are also different rules if you have been in a red list country or territory in the last 10 days and you may not be allowed to enter England.


Approved vaccines

You must have had a complete course of one of the following vaccines at least 14 days before you arrive in England:

-              Oxford/AstraZeneca

-              Pfizer BioNTech

-              Moderna

-              Janssen


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