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Canada signifies a variety of things to a wide variety of individuals, but what comes to mind when you hear the term Canada? Which renowned stars (such as Justin Bieber, Jim Carrey, or Deadpool's Ryan Reynolds) do you desire? Additionally, we may utilize maple syrup in a variety of recipes, from cookies to taffy. Is it due to the academic brilliance they provide? This may involve high-quality education and instruction from internationally renowned teachers. Students come from all over the world to study, and Canada is one of the most popular destinations. The majority of individuals in Canada have a higher level of living. Canada is well-known for its unparalleled access to education, which means that anyone may study there if they choose. Students choose to study in Canada for various reasons, including the top ten stated in this article.

Reason 1: Canadian education system and scholarships

The first reason is due to the country's education system and scholarships. Over the years, many students have migrated to Canada to further their studies. The excellent level of Canada's higher education system, which is known worldwide, is one of the main reasons students choose to study in Canada. Having a solid academic reputation, Canada's university and graduate performance show the country's long history and graduate employability. Additionally, having a Canadian degree gives equivalence to degrees in the US, Australia, and other European nations.
Higher education is supported by various awards and grants offered by the state and the schools, with those students dedicated to graduating getting special attention. High academic standards in the Canadian higher education system allow students to pursue their ambition of studying abroad, especially after graduating. The students typically pick Canada for their studies since the expense of doing them there is cheaper than in any other English-speaking country. Students may look into many alternatives and pick out the ideal choice based on the style of their course and budget.

Reason 2:  The Campus Lifestyle

Canadian universities are bursting with energy and life, as they offer tons of events and festivals each year. Universities attempt to engage students in various cultural activities to improve their academic and social lives. Students will become better able to handle the stress of studies and connect with their peers in the university community. Canadian colleges have extracurricular events that allow students to showcase their talents to their colleagues and the nation. Besides providing Wifi, they also have extended access to daily newspapers, journals, magazines, and more. International students will have a new lifestyle and enriching learning experience while obtaining their degrees in Canada.

Reason 3: New Jobs

Upon graduation, Canadian students receive a substantial income, which is why the country allows them to find part-time work on and off-campus while they are in school. Even though students can work part-time off-campus, those enrolled in school must get work permits and are not allowed to work. Students with a technical background have a trump card, as they are in a better position to secure a job. This is because there are many job possibilities accessible for students from these areas. Thus they find it easy to get hired by prestigious organizations.

Reason 4: The Value of Research

There are several necessary attributes that graduate students should have, one of which is academic research values. If you are looking to undertake academic research in Canada, this is an excellent choice since Canada is a leader in research and development. The Government of Canada sponsors student research in agriculture, environmental science, health, communications, and more by encouraging students to explore their passions. They give grants for the study that they are doing. Very few organizations or businesses help finance research projects, especially when the study concept is exciting. Researchers and scholars have much room to move with all of their skills while in Canada, which is made possible by studying there.

Reason 5: The environment and location

According to the Global Peace Index 2018, Canada ranks as one of the most peaceful countries, with its citizens enjoying a relatively low risk of being violently victimized. Canada is the second most diverse country globally since around 50% of Canadians are non-English speakers. Students get an opportunity to improve their academics and gain aesthetic value from the breathtaking landscapes of the Canadian Rockies. For almost a century, Canada has enticed visitors with a combination of beautiful places and attractions. The beautiful nature of Canada draws in thousands of tourists each year, who come to see the unique locations and take in the scenic splendor. There are many opportunities for students to go sightseeing, have fun at amusement parks, and see both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans. Other than only focusing on schoolwork, students could visit the famous tourism destinations in Canada.

Reason number 6: The weather

Summers in the Canadian prairies may be pretty hot and dry, but central Canada has a humid climate. In Canada, people tend to think of winter weather as involving snow and freezing temperatures. Near the whole, the citizens of Canada are concentrated on its borders with the United States. Summers may get as hot as 35 degrees Celsius, with -25 degrees Celsius or lower in the winter. In spring and fall, spring and fall are milder on average. Students who hail from places like India would think of the summer in Canada as a little pleasant season, while the fluctuating weather will give the country an overall chillier impression. People enjoy spending much time indoors in Canada because they know it gets freezing, and when the snow is piled high, it may reach five to six feet. The frigid air flows across the country in the springtime, making it more difficult for students to travel because of the extreme cold weather. Students can appreciate the stunning sights of fall when all the trees turn yellow, red, and orange. Leaves fall, altering the hue of the streets.

Reason 7: Cultural Values

Every year, the Canadian government encourages immigrants worldwide to apply to Canadian colleges to pursue higher education. It also provides students with the opportunity to find employment after graduating as part of the Canada Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PWP), which gives graduates up to three years to search for jobs after finishing their studies. It has grown into a residence for several students coming to Canada for postgraduate education. It's easy for students to feel like they are back in their home country as they forget that they are no longer at home. Being friendly and calm is essential to Canadians. For new students immigrating to Canada for higher education, many experienced immigrants and Canadians in their 40s and older will be an asset. Whether you are familiar with each other or not, you may earn the respect of another person with a simple grin. The government in Canada has policies that ensure that cultural practices are retained and that the citizens' dignity and values are maintained.

Reason 8: Global Language Community

Canada has everything necessary to nurture students perfectly. Canada has English and French as its official languages, but following the arrival of immigrants, the nation has become more diverse in terms of language, religion, and culture. Students will come into contact with many individuals from across the world speaking different languages, and they will be able to pick up these languages easily through being exposed to them. Even though it is a racially diverse community, there will be no issues of race and ethnicity.

Reason 9: Good care and a safe environment

According to the Global Peace Index 2018, Canada ranks as one of the most peaceful countries, with its citizens enjoying a relatively low risk of being violently victimized. A concern for the students at the campus is assured by Canadian University's focus on the pupils. Universities in Canada provide a mechanism to ensure the safety of international students. Most colleges provide services such as shuttles and escorts available for late-night drop-offs if you're going to be at your accommodations or the station at that time. Some schools offer mobile applications that include a dedicated hotline that connects pupils to security personnel in an emergency. It is not just institutions but the Canadian government that pays extraordinary attention to the care and safety of students. Schools will take precautions in several areas, such as health care and security, to keep children safe. Canadian students are free to have excellent health and safety because of the rights and equality in the country that allow it to remain a peaceful society. A doctor's visit in Canada is usually affordable. For the past eight years, the United Nations has regularly rated Canada as a great location to live.

Reason 10: Canada's Quick Student Visa Process

Schools will provide their pupils a work permit visa and a study visa. After graduation, you can work here for two years and then seek to become a permanent resident after you've lived in Canada for one year. For students, it's now simple to acquire a student visa, and the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration Service (CIC) can assist them with their studies here. In addition to a daily routine of classes, students might work up to 20 hours a week while in school to make ends meet. A lot of good possibilities are accessible for students even inside of the universities.

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